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Brain-Computer Interface & BCI Definition

Brain-computer interface is the mix of advanced neuroscience technologies and artificial intelligence. Three words that describe the brain-computer interface well; Mind Canvas Technology. BCI is an acronym for Brain-Computer Interface.

Brain-Computer Interface Aliases

  • BCI
  • Electronic Telepathy
  • Synthetic Telepathy
  • Artificial Telepathy
  • Mind-machine Interface[1]
  • Direct Neural Interface[1]
  • Microwave Auditory Effect
  • Microwave Hearing
  • RF Hearing
  • Radio Frequency Hearing Effect
  • Voice of God
  • Voice to Skull (v2k).

Brain-Computer Interface Capabilities

  • Any living being including animal and insect mental signatures can be interfaced
  • Any existent or fictional being can be artistically impersonated
  • Any conceptual energy reproducible for communication & interfacing purposes (the concept library of the universe)
  • Any emotion can be reproduced (EEG cloning, emotion synthesis)
  • Any sound in existence reproducible in a mind
  • Any word, energy, or vocal tone
  • Any mental variable able to be vividly applied to any area on the body (including imagery)
  • Any color including black can be applied in very stimulating ways to one's body experience via exotic neuroscience
  • Experiences ranging from incredibly spiritual, to artistically dark + everything else in reality
  • Cloning of any mental variable from one person to another (e.g. senses, emotions, concepts)

Components of BCI

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Radio frequency neuroscience (directed energy methods such as neural monitoring & stimulation of specific & coordinated cerebral structures)

Brain Wave Cloning

  • Cloning of any mental variable, cloning of the senses, cloning of emotion, EEG Cloning

Neurobody BCI

Neurobody technology is a tricking of the brain's sensory cortex with radio frequencies that would otherwise not be there to induce any mental variable in existence as an internal body sensation. Neurobody BCI involves scenarios such as feeling the emotions of someone you are talking to on/in or outside of your body, feeling the aspect/image of a person on/in or outside of your body, being able to interface conceptual energy all over the body, sensory experiences like taste and smell as a body sensation and countless other unique and potent experiences.

One exotic capability of neurobody tech is the sensation of breathing any mental variable, you can feel like you are literally breathing any aspect of reality with these technologies. The possibilities are relatively endless.

Weaponization of BCI

thought insertion

Reality BCI™

'Reality BCI™' is using brain-computer interface technologies in conjunction with surveillance. This is currently being perpetrated illegally by war criminals who oversee a global military / intelligence black ops crime syndicate. The planet-wide black ops network is ruled by secret society members who both use and weaponize Ai & BCI for their own despicable agenda.

BCI Psychological Warfare

The Future of BCI

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