Dimension of the Mind

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Dimension of the Mind Definition

Dimension of the Mind: a technologically inducible plane within one's own mind, induced via exotic RF neuroscience. A phrase coined by Omnisense to describe neuroscience based virtual reality experiences[1][3].

Dimension of the Mind

  • Constructs in the realm of the mind / the dimension of the mind
  • Full body imagery can be applied to the 3rd eye while communicating with electronic telepathy. Kind of like facetime or skype video except interfacing inside the mind’s own plane.
  • Body sensory feedback can be uniquely created to induce any variable of consciousness and apply it to anywhere on the body (A technology I coined as The Neurobody)
  • Proof that the mind has it’s own plane can be found in the fact that we have dreams. The dream realm is the dimension of the mind. End game VR taps into the variables that are physically present in the brain when in a dream state to reproduce and enhance the realm when in a dream. Neuroscience based virtual reality can be used to streamline sensory experiences in conjunction with neuroscience based virtual reality. e.g. You can carry out a martial arts sparring VR with real pain, or fight the beasts of the universe with a lightsaber.

End Game Virtual Reality: Neuroscience Based VR

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[1]: The term Dimension of the Mind was coined by the TechnologyWiki.org author (Omnisense)
[2]: Much of the information on this page will be available in the form of a future book release: The Electronic Control Grid, by Omnisense
[3]: Dimension of the Mind™, a tech startup by Omnisense